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Межрегиональная общественная организация содействия изучению, пропаганде научного наследия Н.Д. Кондратьева

XVII Kondratieff Readings
Long-term forecasting: historical experience and
the critical analysis
December 12, 2009 Moscow
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About the IKF — The International N. D. Kondratieff Foundation

The International N.D. Kondratyev Foundation was founded on March 19, 1992. The decision to set up the Foundationwas raised at the International conference devoted to the 100 birth anniversary of an outstanding Russian scholar N. Kondratieff. At the constituent meeting of the Foundation which took place in the Academy of National Economy under the RF Government, the Charter of the Foundation was approved. Also the participants of the meeting selected Academician L.I.Abalkin to be the president of the Foundation, Academician A.A.Nikonov, Academician of RANS Yu.V.Yakovets and Prof. Yakob Van Dein (Netherlands) took the positions of vice-presidents. The following well-known academicians became the Council members of the Foundation: E.N.Kondratieva (daughter of N.D.Kondratyev), A.G. Aganbegian, A.G. Granberg, N.P. Laverov, S.S.Shatalin and some others. In 1999 the Foundation was re-registered as a scientific-social institution with the aim of assisting to studying and advocating of N.D.Kondratieff’s scientific heritage. The name and the logo of the Foundation in the official form has been kept unchanged.

The position of the Foundation is until now kept by academician L.Abalkin. The vice-presidents are: academician of RANS Yu. Yakovets, corr.- member of RAS R. Yanovskiy, academician of RANS G. Pallavicini (Italy) and corr.-member of RAS R. Grinberg. Director of the Foundation is corr.-member of RANS V.Bondarenko. Some known Russian and foreign scholars have become the members of the Council of the Foundation.

The basic directions of activity:

  • Carrying out International conferences, symposiums, Kondratieff readings;

  • Interdisciplinary researches performed on the orders of the state organizations, on RFFR and RGSF grants and initiative researches made according to the plans of the Foundation itself;

  • Conducting jointly with the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences International competitions for N.D.Kondratieff gold, silver and bronze medals for contributions to development of social sciences, and commemorative N.Kondratieff medal to young scientists;

  • Publication of books, proceedings of conferences and Kondratieff readings.

  • The latest news


    The International Kondratieff Foundation and Branch of research of cycles and forecasting of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences announce the V International Kondratieff competition for N.D. Kondratieff medals. The medals are awarded to Russian and foreign scientists for outstanding contribution in the development of social sciences. The winners are awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals (оnе for Russian and one for foreign scientists respectively).

    Read more about the competition

    Report by R. Grinberg is posted on the site

    To the attention of the participants of the IKF Conference "Does Russia have a Future not based on Natural Resources?"

    The paper written by the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences R. Grinberg, Director of the Institute of Economics, RAS under the title of "Does Russia have a Future not based on Natural Resources ?" is posted on the site.

    You are kindly invited to participate in the discussion.

    Report by Fetisov G. G. is posted on the site

    To the attention of the participants of the IKF Conference "Does Russia have a Future not based on Natural Resources?"

    The paper written by the Heфad of Department of macroeconomic regulation and planning of the Moscow State University’s Economics Department, Doctor of Science (Econ.), professor under the title of "Future of Russian Economy: Export of Raw-Materials, Diversification or High Technology?" is located on the site.

    You are kindly invited to participate in the discussion

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    Finally English version of the site is online.

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